The Mollusk History

This pendant is one of our more unusual pieces. It offers a glimpse inside a coiled shell. The original mold for this piece was made using a cross section of a modern gastropod shell. This cross section allows onlookers to see various chambers throughout the piece which would have been the living chamber for the animal. Mollusks as we know them today are snails and slugs, some with smooth shells and some with heavily scalloped shells. 

The gastropod belongs to the phylum Mollusca (or mollusks) and is characterized by intricate coiling shells. Historically, the gastropod shell design emerged nearly 485 million years ago during the Late Cambrian period. These first gastropods were exclusively marine and over time became one of the most prolific and varied groups with nearly 80,000 living gastropod species today. 

We are very pleased with this piece because it allows people to see a common seashell from a new angle. We hope you like this piece as much as we do! 

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