Somkhor Amulet

Amulets in Thailand have been a large part of the culture since its founding. In the 12th century when Buddhism was introduced in Thailand, monks adopted the practice of amulet making and carved amulets specific to their beliefs. At this time amulets were all hand made from earthen materials. Original amulets were formed from magical mixes of earth, herbs, and hemps. Amulets in Thailand are thought to bring luck or protection to the wearer.

The Somkor is one of the most recognizable Buddhist amulets and is also one of the oldest designs. The oldest Somkhor amulets date back hundreds of years. The Somkhor, or Phra Som Kor, amulet is believed to bless the wearer with great fortune while protecting against poverty. This amulet belongs to the Benjapakee family of Buddhist amulets which consists of the five most popular amulet designs in Thailand. The original amulet we cast our jewelry from is believed to be nearly 200 years old and was found in Nong Saeng, Thailand.

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